Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hi Blogger friends,

    I made these flowers to decorate for Halloween, you don't always need traditional Halloween paper to make decorations.  I used paper from Simple Stories Documented collection to make these.  I cut the flowers with my eclips machine, the center of the flower is a strawberry svg and you can put candy inside the center.

Enjoy your day! Kellie

Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Decorate!

Hi all,

Today I am going to share my blog post that I did for Simple Stories today.  I have been wanting to make something out of a white craft pumpkin that I bought a while back.  And I love all of the white monogrammed pumpkins that I have been spotting on Pinterest lately.  So here is what I came up with:

I started the project by painting the edges of a large wooden plaque with cream colored paint.  I covered the plaque with Simple Stories paper "Memories #2306".  Then I cut the craft pumpkin in half, sanded the edges of the pumpkin (where I cut it) and glued it in the center of the plaque.  Hot glue worked great.

I added Simple Stories cardstock stickers #2302, burlap and die cut felt leaves.

I cut the flowers from SS Ever After #2305 and the letter R from SS Noteworthy #2307.  I used my eclips machine to cut these out.

I made the banner from the SS cardstock stickers.  These are easy to make, Here is what I do:

I start by lining up the pendant stickers along a strip of cardstock.

Next I cut around each of the pendants, leave about an 1/8 th of an inch around the sticker. After you cut around them snip the extra paper that is left in between them.

Finally add your letter stickers to the banner.  Sometimes I like to also sew across the top of my banners. 

I gave my project a good coat of clear sealer to help protect it from moisture.  Now I have to go make something with the other half of the craft pumpkin!  Hope you enjoyed the project.. Have a wonderful day!  Kellie

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Little Turkey

Hi all!  Wow, I can't believe it's September.  My kids are now back to school and so am I. I am hoping the craziness will settle down so I can get back to posting!  I have a very cute little turkey I made for my project today.  I made the turkey from Bella Blvds new fall line Thankful.


I fell in love with the little turkey on Bella Blvd's Thankful Collection. 

He is actually very easy to make.  You will need 2 inch and 1 inch Styrofoam balls.

This is how I cut the 2 inch Styrofoam ball.  One half of it will become the front of the body, and one half will become the back of the body.

And this is how I cut the 1 inch Styrofoam ball for the head.  You will only need one of the halfs for the head.

I cut a bunch of one inch circles, sanded the edges and cut them in half for the small feathers.  I simply layered them on the stryofoam balls.
For the wings I cut a 2 inch heart out, cut it in half and layered the half circles on it.
For the feet I cut two one inch stars out of patterned paper and chipboard, the chipboard helps to give it stability.  I glued the patterned paper to the chipboard stars.
And finally I cut several large feathers and sanded their edges also.  I had free handed the feather pattern.  For the final step I just assembled all the pieces together, I used two pins with black heads for the eyes, added the little banner, cut a triangle for the beak and free handed a gobbler, to make this very cute turkey.
Have a great day!! Kellie